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    Protest în fața Ministerului Educației, după ce Sorin Cîmpeanu a fost acuzat din nou de plagiat. Universitatea din București cere o analiză „serioasă și urgentă”

    Acuzaţiile de plagiat la adresa ministrului Educației au stârnit un val de reacţii negative în mediul academic și nu numai. Citește mai departe... [...]

    USR și Forța Dreptei au depus moțiune împotriva ministrului Educației, Sorin Cîmpeanu, spunând că este „plagiator” și „minte cum respiră”

    USR și Forța Dreptei au depus moțiune simplă împotriva ministrului Educației, Sorin Cîmpeanu, pe care îl acuză de plagiat și spun că „minte cum respiră”, după ce jurnalista Emilia Șercan… [...]

    Scandal în Parlament. Strigăte, acuzații și insulte din cauza amendamentului privind majorarea salariilor demnitarilor. ”Vă creșteți vouă salariile! Mincinosule!”

    Atmosferă de maidan în Parlamentul României la dezbaterea legii prin care se vor majora salariile aleșilor locali și ale bugetarilor din administrația locală. Citește mai departe... [...]

    Salariile primarilor, viceprimarilor, preşedinţilor şi vicepreşedinţilor CJ vor fi majorate, au hotărât deputații. Creşterea salariilor parlamentarilor - eliminată

    Camera Deputaţilor a adoptat, marţi, proiectul de aprobare a OUG 115/2022, aprobând un amendament care prevede creşterea salariilor pentru primari, viceprimari, preşedinţi şi vicepreşedinţi de consilii judeţene şi a personalului… [...]

    Iohannis: DNA - model la nivel european, furnizor de expertiză şi bune practici în lupta împotriva corupţiei

    Preşedintele Klaus Iohannis a declarat, marţi, că Direcţia Naţională Anticorupţie (DNA) a făcut progrese mari, ajungând un model la nivel european, furnizor de expertiză şi bune practici în lupta împotriva… [...]

    Familiile cu cel puțin trei copii vor plăti un preț plafonat la energie de 68 de bani/kwh - vot în Senat. Pentru restul consumatorilor casnici, furnizorii pot face o medie între 2021 și 2022

    Familiile cu trei copii, dar și lăcașurile de cult și transportul în comun vor beneficia de plafonarea prețului la energie. Sunt câteva dintre numeroasele amendamente la Ordonanța 119 votate azi… [...]

    Acuzații de plagiat la adresa ministrului Educației. Și-ar fi atribuit mare parte dintr-o lucrare universitară. Sorin Cîmpeanu se declară hărțuit: Obiectivul principal al acestui articol este blocarea legilor Educației

    Ministrul Educației este vizat de noi acuzații de plagiat. Jurnalista Emilia Sercan susține că Sorin Cîmpeanu și-ar fi atribuit cea mai mare parte a unei lucrări universitare pentru uzul studenților.… [...]

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    Keir Starmer thinks the UK's economic turmoil presents him with a chance, says our political editor. [...]

    The UK government proposals will work at "cross purposes" with the cost-of-living fight, the IMF says. [...]

    Voters must never forgive the Tories for crashing the economy, says the Labour leader in his key conference speech. [...]

    Breakfast clubs will be funded by returning the top rate of income tax to 45%, Labour say. [...]

    Shadow health secretary Wes Streeting will set out plans to improve access to GPs in England. [...]

    Labour suspended the MP, saying her description of Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng was inappropriate. [...]

    Sussex Police apologises after a row on social media over a child sex offender's gender identity. [...]

    The central bank's chief economist signalled in a speech it could not be 'indifferent' over the pound's slump. [...]

    Great British Energy could grow to rival foreign-owned energy giants like EDF, Labour sources say. [...]

    Liverpool's dock workers have called on Keir Starmer to "show solidarity" with them on the picket line. [...]

    Jamie Dettmer is opinion editor at POLITICO Europe.  When asked who he’d vote for on the eve of Italy’s snap parliamentary elections, Renzo Ramacciani, a retired builder in his seventies, slapped his hand on the kitchen table and said, “Meloni.” Like many of his friends, until now he’s always voted… [...]

    Johannes Nordin is a junior research fellow at the Institute for Security and Development Policy. Right before Russia’s Gazprom completely stifled gas flows through the Nord Stream I pipeline, G7 leaders had agreed in early September to implement a price cap on Russian energy exports. By leveraging Europe’s central position… [...]

    The Italian job: Inside the backroom deal to put Giorgia Meloni in power

    ROME — On a sultry summer evening, a few days after Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s government fell apart, Italy’s right-wing political leaders gathered in a private room inside Rome’s Palazzo Montecitorio, the lower house of parliament. The group included some of Europe’s most colorful, outspoken, and unpredictable political mavericks: Silvio… [...]

    Top European football boss goes to war with FC Barcelona

    ISTANBUL — FC Barcelona’s financial gymnastics must face a crackdown, according to European football’s most powerful executive. In an exclusive interview with POLITICO, Qatari tycoon Nasser al-Khelaifi, who is the president of Paris Saint-Germain football club, said the sport’s European governing body UEFA was set to probe Barcelona, after its… [...]

    EU aims for Israel reboot with summit

    The EU is seeking to reset its often testy relationship with Israel next week, convening a summit on Monday of senior political figures for the first time in a decade.  The meeting format, known as the EU-Israel Association Council, has essentially been dormant since 2013, when Israel canceled a gathering… [...]

    LIVERPOOL, England — As delegates amassed in Liverpool this week for the U.K. Labour Party’s annual get-together, the real drama was unfolding elsewhere. Monday morning saw the markets react brutally to the Conservative government’s tax-slashing mini-budget, with the pound plummeting to an all-time low and the cost of U.K. government… [...]

    Germany set to backtrack on nuclear phaseout

    BERLIN — Germany will “probably” extend the runtime of two of its three remaining nuclear power plants until April, Economy Minister Robert Habeck said Tuesday, blaming energy supply issues in France for the decision. He also announced more money for ailing German energy suppliers — something that could require Finance… [...]

    Baltic brinksmanship: Pipeline blasts signal potential new front in Ukraine war

    Europe’s energy crisis appears to be entering a dangerous new phase. Should suspicions be confirmed — or simply grow — that Russia was behind explosions that caused three leaks on the two Nord Stream gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea on Monday, the security implications for the Continent would be… [...]

    Belgium must pay compensation of around €100,000 to convicted terrorist Nizar Trabelsi for the damage he suffered by being extradited to the U.S., a Brussels appeals court ruled Tuesday. The court also ruled that the Belgian government should ask the American authorities to send back Trabelsi. Trabelsi, a Tunisian former… [...]

    U.S. and allied intelligence agencies are stepping up efforts to detect any Russian military moves or communications that might signal that Vladimir Putin has ordered the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine, according to five current and former U.S. officials. But any indications that the erratic Russian leader has decided… [...]

    Germany recorded more than 84 million people living in the country this year amid Russia's war on Ukraine. Wars in former Yugoslavia and the Middle East also caused Germany's population to spike in 1992 and 2015. [...]

    The European Union's border control agency said 66,000 Russians entered the bloc in the past week, a 30% increase. Meanwhile, the US will not adjust its nuclear posture amid threats from Moscow. DW rounds up the latest. [...]

    According to results released by pro-Kremlin authorities, voters across occupied territory in Ukraine supported annexation by Russia. The West has slammed the process as a sham. [...]

    Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti is the fifth European to take command of the ISS. She says the space station gives her hope for peace on Earth. [...]

    Russia is trying to repeat the 2014 Crimean Peninsula plebiscite to annex more of Ukraine. This ruse will fail, writes DW's Konstantin Eggert. [...]

    The prominent crime reporter was gunned down in July 2021 in Amsterdam. Prosecutors suspect that a drug gang is behind the murder. [...]

    Italy's post-fascists are jubilant about their election triumph and are now the strongest force in parliament. DW's Alexandra von Nahmen outlines the consequences for cohesion in the European Union. [...]

    The 25-year-old was reportedly upset that his friend who had no prior military experience had received draft orders. The shooting follows Russian President Vladimir Putin's announcement of partial mobilization. [...]

    Danish maritime authorities have established a safety zone of 5 nautical miles around the island of Bornholm. The pipeline was filled with gas before the project was halted because of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. [...]

    Politicians across the ideological spectrum in Germany have expressed concern about Giorgia Meloni's electoral success. However, the far-right AfD voiced support for Meloni, who looks likely to be Italy's next leader. [...]

    ‘Deliberate actions’ caused Nord Stream gas leak, Danish PM says

    Denmark's Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said on Tuesday that leaks detected in the Nord Stream gas pipelines clearly were caused by deliberate actions and could not have been a result of accidents. [...]

    'All fears lead to Rome:' What does far-right victory in Italy mean for Europe?

    IN THE PRESS – Tuesday, September 27: We look at reactions from the European and world papers after Italy elected its first far-right leader. We also look at British reactions to the plummeting of the pound. Finally, we see how Twitter has revived debate over a year-old poll by British… [...]

    Live: Moscow's proxies in occupied Ukraine regions claim landslide votes to join Russia

    Russian-installed officials in occupied regions of Ukraine reported huge majorities on Tuesday in favour of becoming part of Russia after five days of voting in so-called referendums that Kyiv and the West have denounced as a sham. Follow our live blog for the latest developments. All times are Paris time… [...]

    Biden picks Macron for first state visit of presidency

    President Joe Biden will host his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron at the White House on December 1 for the first full-scale state visit of his administration, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Monday. [...]

    Meloni's Italy: How far to the right will Rome go?

    How far to the right will Italy go? The new face of European politics is called Georgia Meloni. Her fascist-rooted Brothers of Italy party has swept to power, overshadowing her hard-right coalition partners Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi and routing the centre-left, which finished under 20 percent. Why did voters go for… [...]

    Putin grants US whistleblower Edward Snowden Russian citizenship

    President Vladimir Putin on Monday granted Russian citizenship to US whistleblower Edward Snowden, who exposed massive surveillance by the US National Security Agency and was granted refuge by Moscow. [...]

    When Mozart teases Wagner: US volunteers work to 'save lives' in Ukraine

    A volunteer organisation run by ex-soldiers, Mozart says it wants to save lives in Ukraine by offering aid and military training -- choosing its name as a "tongue in cheek" nod to notorious Russian paramilitary group Wagner. The two might both be named for famous composers, but those offering their… [...]

    How Giorgia Meloni took over the Italian right – and then the country

    Giorgia Meloni, whose far-right Brothers of Italy triumphed in Sunday’s general election, has succeeded in channelling both the aspirations of conservative voters and resentment of Mario Draghi’s unelected government, without fully renouncing her party’s neo-fascist roots. [...]

    Mixed reactions abroad to Meloni winning Italian elections

    Far-right Brothers of Italy leader Giorgia Meloni looks set to become Italy’s first woman prime minister at the head of the country’s most right-wing government since World War II. Reactions from elsewhere in Europe included French President Emmanuel Macron voicing “respect” for the choice of Italy’s voters, the EU Commission saying… [...]

    France says controlling inflation is main priority for 2023 budget

    The fight against inflation is the biggest priority, France's finance minister said on Monday, as he delivered a 2023 budget subject to what he called 'unprecedented uncertainty' due to the fallout from Russia's war against Ukraine.  [...]